1. I am currently renting the basement apartment that is in the house that my family and I live in. One of the washrooms is equipped with the Quick Tub system. I became aware as I was showing the apartment for rent, that the Quick Tub ís removable door element was a positive feature. It became a given that older folks really liked it. I was surprised that many younger folks also saw it as quite a positive. They were thinking about bathing children. Its versatility is really impressive, and I’m sure added value to the appeal of the apartment.

  2. Almost exactly one year ago we had to have our bath tub cut out in order to accommodate my husband’s disability. Alas, gone were the days of long soaking bubble baths for me. However I just discovered the quick tub insert, had one installed and once again am enjoying bubble baths. This product is light weight, extremely easy to insert and remove and can either be stored off of the tub, standing upright or left attached to the tub until you wish to remove it. It looks great on the tub and I know I will get many years of use from it.

    Great product!!

  3. I would like to take a moment to pass along my thoughts on your Quick Tub Cap and walk thru product. While looking at available options that could provide greater accessibility to our tenants we came across the walkthrough insert. lt would allow us to convert our existing bathtubs at an affordable cost; most importantly it could be done quickly without any major renovation or disruption. Had it not been for the flexibility that the cap provides, we most likely would not have proceeded with the modifications to all of our bathtubs throughout our facility.

    Your products have allowed the tenants here at the Wexford to be safer in their apartments, while at the same time giving them the choice of taking a bath or a shower.


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