What is the Quick Tub Conversion System?

Our system is a unique and inexpensive solution for homeowners who need an easy access shower but want to maintain a fully functional bathtub. There is no need to buy a new tub – the system utilizes your existing bathtub and consists of a Walk Thru Insert and a Quick Tub Cap. Converting from bathtub to shower or back takes only seconds.



I already have a bathtub that has been converted with a walk thru insert. Will the Quick Tub cap work with it?

Our one-of-a-kind cap has been designed to work with most every type of walk thru insert, even those of our competitors. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Who can benefit from our system?

Just about anyone. For individuals and families that mostly shower, it creates a safer environment that drastically reduces the potential for slips and falls. It helps seniors or physically-challenged individuals maintain independence in their own home.


Do you offer any other products or options?

 Most of our dealers and installers provide a range of related bathroom safety and accessibility products and services. Contact your local distributor for the complete list of services available in your area.



Combined with improved asthetics our conversion products go deeper into the tub than any compairable product




Why should I choose the Quick Tub Conversion System?

Our Quick Tub products create an easy access bath and shower like no other on the market today. It is the most affordable way to convert your existing bathtub into an easy access shower and bath. No headaches from messy time consuming renovations, no big bills. Contact your local distributor to obtain pricing in your area. Learn more  ›


What kind of warranty do you offer?

The cap carries a three year warranty and there is a lifetime warranty on the cap’s seal itself. The walk thru has a five year warranty – individual distributors may choose to offer additional warranty terms.

Please contact us today for more information or contact the distributor nearest you to arrange for an installation and to order Quick Tub products.

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